Where Are We Located?

As the largest Asian interest fraternity in the world, the brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon are granted unique opportunities during both their college years and in their future career endeavors. It has become a professionally structured and highly regarded networking channel. Productive young leaders and entrepreneurs of this generation are groomed from the fraternity’s programs, cultivating a perpetually strong alumni base. The close attention to its members makes Lambda Phi Epsilon the fastest rising influence in the Asian community.

Lambda Phi Epsilon has become one of the most sought after organizations due to growing demand for fraternal Asian representation on university campuses. As the fraternity continues to grow, it has made a commitment to maintain its integrity and standards that have come to be recognized worldwide. Here's where we stand today:

Active Chapters

Α - University of California, Los Angeles Ψ - University of Chicago
Β - University of California, Davis ΑΑ - State University of New York, Binghamton
Γ - University of California, Santa Barbara AΒ - New York University
Δ - University of California, Berkeley AΓ - Baylor University
Ε - University of California, Irvine ΑΔ - St. John's University
Ζ - University of Texas, Austin ΑΕ - State University of New York, Stony Brook
Η - University of California, Riverside ΑΖ - University of Washington
Θ - Stanford University ΑΗ - Northwestern University
Ι - University of California, San Diego ΑΘ - Rutgers University
Κ - University of California, Santa Cruz AI - Purdue University
Μ - California State University, Sacramento AK - Cornell University
Ν - State University of New York, Buffalo AM - Carnegie Mellon University
Ξ - University of Michigan AN - City University of New York, Baruch
Ο - California State University, San Francisco AΞ - University of Toronto
Π - University of Houston AΟ - University of Texas, Dallas
Ρ - San Jose State University AΠ - Boston University
Σ - University of Pennsylvania AP - Columbia University
Τ - Pennsylvania State University AΣ - Virginia Commonwealth University
Υ - The Johns Hopkins University AT - University of Virginia
Φ - California State University, San Luis Obispo AY - University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Χ - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign  

Associate Chapters

University of Georgia Duke University
University of Kansas University of Oklahoma

Colony Chapters

Michigan State University McMaster University
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Washington State University
Florida State University University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Northeastern University University of Texas, Arlington
University of Maryland, College Park Northern Arizona University
James Madison University  

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